New guide to adoption support

Published: 08.05.13

The Department for Education has introduced a new guide for adopters to help them identify the range of support available to their family. The new adoption ‘passport’ will set out the support services adopters can expect from local authorities including access to counselling, financial support and priority access to social housing and school places.
New guide to adoption support

The launch of the Passport to Support coincides with the release of research that demonstrates the current nature of adoption support is inconsistent with the type and level of support adopters receive varying across the country. Up to 650,000 people are considering adoption, but many are put off because of misconceptions about the process – including lack of support.

With more than 4000 children awaiting adoption the government acknowledges there is a need to rectify the problem of councils not informing adopters about the help and support available to them.

The passport is also part of a series of reforms proposed to improve the adoption process including a swifter two-stage approval process and a fast-track procedure for repeat adopters.

Edward Timpson, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families, said:

"For too long children have been left waiting – in many cases over 2 years - for the stable, loving homes, whilst prospective adopters have been dissuaded from offering those children the security they need.

So we're overhauling the system to encourage more people to adopt, and making it swifter, more effective and robust.

The Children and Families Bill will place a new duty of local authorities to inform adopters about the support available to them. Alongside the Adoption Passport this will tackle misconceptions which we know put off potential adopters."

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