National Adoption Service’s (NAS) first annual report published

Published: 16.07.15

Adoption UK welcomes the progress made in the first year of Wales’ National Adoption Service (NAS) following today’s publication of its annual report.
National Adoption Service’s (NAS) first annual report published

Ann Bell, Adoption UK's Development Manager for Wales, said: "We are also delighted that adoptive parents and adopted children are being engaged in the development of the service and that their voice is being listened to.

"There is, however, still a long way to go, particularly in improving adoption support services across Wales. The first year of the NAS has been all about getting the new structures in place. The challenge now for all of us is to co-produce a service which enables adoptive families to be as independent as possible, whilst making sure they have the support they need to allow their children to recover and move on from the neglect and abuse which brought them into adoption in the first place."

Ann, who was recently appointed as Vice-Chair of the NAS Advisory Group, continued: "We know that early neglect and abuse leaves a long-term legacy and that healing takes time, expertise and enormous tenacity on the part of the adults around that child."

Ann, who is both an adoptee and adoptive parent, added: "The long-term success of the NAS will rest on whether we can all work together to get the adoption support system working equitably and effectively across Wales."

The NAS annual report can be viewed here: http://www.adoptcymru.com/en/news-and-events
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