National Adoption Leadership Board publishes 'myth busting' guide

Published: 11.11.14

England's National Adoption Leadership Board issues guidelines in response to recent court judgements on adoption
National Adoption Leadership Board publishes 'myth busting' guide

Over the last three years, the number of adoptions in England has increased by 63 percent – a record level. This means thousands more children have been placed for adoption in England. The last nine months, however, have seen a drop in the number of placement orders (the Court decision that adoption is in the child’s best interests).

It is believed that this decline has been a response to key Supreme Court and Court of Appeal judgments in 2013 – particularly Re B and Re BS – which reiterated the need for adoption decisions to be based on robust analysis of all realistic options, and set out that adoption is a measure only to be pursued where it is necessary for the child’s welfare.

Data collected by the national Adoption Leadership Board, along with intelligence from the sector, suggests there has been an over-reaction to the judgments that is now causing children to miss out on adoption - even when it is the considered to be in their interests.

National Adoption Leadership Board 'Myth Busting' Guidelines (November 2014) 

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