Group to recommend changes to care allowances to Scottish Government

Published: 12.09.17

An expert group of care specialists, including Fiona Aitken, Adoption UK’s Director in Scotland, has been established by the Scottish Government to review foster, kinship and adoption allowances, north of the border.
Group to recommend changes to care allowances to Scottish Government

Adoption UK and other charities have been highlighting the unfair disparities in the allowances paid to those parenting and caring for some of our most vulnerable children across Scotland, and calling for the introduction of a minimum allowance, for some time. 

The expert group will be reviewing a new national scheme of foster care allowances that delivers parity, equity and sustainability and improves on the current system.  The impact on adoptive care placements is a key consideration for the group as they develop their recommendations on foster care allowances.

 A standardised approach to care allowances already exists in other parts of the UK so Fiona, pictured above, welcomes the move. She said:  “This is an important, positive step in our campaign to end the postcode lottery in allowances and secure more support for vulnerable children and the adoptive and fostering families that they are a part of. Many of these children are dealing with trauma as a result of the abuse and neglect they suffered before coming into care. We know that by providing more quality support, as early as possible, the better the outcomes for these children, emotionally, socially, and educationally”.

The Minister for Childcare and Early Years, Mark McDonald MSP, made the commitment to include adoption as part of this review, during National Adoption Week last year.

The review group begin their deliberations this autumn and is expected to present their findings, including recommendations on a national approach, to Scottish Government Ministers and Local Authority Leaders in the autumn of 2018.