Golden opportunity to shape future adoption services

Published: 21.12.15

Are you an adoptive parent with ideas about how adoption services could be improved? Would you like greater involvement and the ability to influence decision-making in local authority adoption teams? Would you like to represent the views of adopters from your area?
Golden opportunity to shape future adoption services

If you answered ‘yes’ to any  of the above then becoming an Adopter Voice Champion is one way you can do this.

The Adopter Voice project aims to empower adoptive parents to engage with other adopters to collectively shape the way adoption services and support is delivered into the future, in England.

Adopter Voice Champions work alongside staff at Adoption UK to talk to adopters through either online forums or in face to face groups.  They come from all areas of the country and all walks of life and bring the lived experiences of adoption to the decision-making of local authority adoption teams, as well as the regional Adoption Leadership Boards.

Adopter Voice, which currently has more than 1,200 registered users, is a community of online forums allowing prospective adopters, adopters and professionals to communicate on all aspects of adoption, share best practice and gather evidence.

Twenty adoptive parents have already been appointed as Adopter Voice Champions so far and they come from a wide variety of backgrounds including a social justice campaigner, an HR manager and a teenage sexual health counsellor.   Between them they have adopted 33 children and collectively have more than 125 years experience of being adoptive parents.   

Scott Casson-Rennie, Adoption UK’s Senior Regional Manager, said:  “One of the regular themes we hear from our members is that they would like more input into how adoption services are run. This project will do just that.

“If we want to improve the adoption services then it’s only logical to listen to adoptive parents and take on board their wealth of knowledge and experience. If this interests you then please do take a moment to find out more about this important voluntary role as we are still recruiting new people.”

Scott added: “Our Adopter Voice Champions come from all walks of life but the one thing they’ve all got in common is that they all want to use this project to make life better for adoptive families in England.”