Game of two halves for adoption charity runner

Published: 16.09.15

A charity worker who completed the Great North Run on Sunday has just 26 days to prepare herself for a second half marathon.
Game of two halves for adoption charity runner

Elaine Kristan, Adoption UK's Human Resources Manager, was delighted to complete the run in two hours and 11 minutes, shaving 10 minutes off her previous time at last year's event.

Elaine described the atmosphere at the Great North Run as something that "everyone should experience at least once".

She said: "In the lead up to the race it's an emotional rollercoaster – one day it was fear then the next day I just couldn't stop grinning.

"The actual day was amazing though and I loved every step of it because the atmosphere is so fabulous and you just get carried away with it. Thousands of people line the streets, you've got kids high-fiving you and spraying you with water bottles, cheering and clapping you on as you run past...and then there was the flyover by the Red Arrows – they make me cry every time!"

Elaine and her friends celebrated completing the run with a tipple in a beer tent for competitors where they spoke to a soon-to-be octogenarian, who had just crossed the finish line.

Elaine said: "My friends and I were so inspired by her we all vowed to carry on running until we're 80 as well!"

But first Elaine has to concentrate on the 'small' task of the Oxford Half Marathon on Sunday 11th October – less than a month away...

The 39 year-old, from Daventry, Northants, said: "My legs are very stiff today so stairs are not my friend and if I drop anything it has to stay on the floor. It didn't help that the car journey home on Monday took about five hours. I just sat on the sofa when I got home.

"I'm having a sports massage tonight which I'm not looking forward to - and then I'll be doing a recovery run on Saturday which should be interesting..."

Anyone who would like to sponsor Elaine in the Oxford Half Marathon can do so by visiting her Just Giving page.