Court of Appeal judgment welcomed by Adoption UK

Published: 22.08.16

Adoption UK welcomes a recent Court of Appeal judgment which it is hoped will redress the balance after adoption placement orders were halved following confusion over two landmark rulings in 2013.
Court of Appeal judgment welcomed by Adoption UK

The Re B and Re B-S rulings introduced the concept that adoption orders should only be made when – in the words of one of the judges in the Re B case – “nothing else will do”. In the year following, adoption decisions dropped 40% and placement orders fell 45%.

But the Court of Appeal judgment, in July, has now given social workers and local authorities a helpful steer on applying the 2013 rulings when making decisions about permanence for children who cannot live with their birth parents.

Hugh Thornbery CBE chief executive of Adoption UK, said: “Adoption can offer the best chance to permanently break a cycle of neglect and abuse and give a child a second chance at fulfilling their potential with the support of a loving family - so we cannot stress enough the importance of clearing up any confusion over the 2013 rulings which has undoubtedly had a negative impact upon adoption decisions and placement orders in recent years.

“There are children for whom only adoption will work. Adoptive parents who are able to provide these children with a forever home have a resilience to parent them through thick-and-thin.”

Mr Thornbery was interviewed by Community Care about the Court of Appeal judgment. You can read the article by clicking here.