Children suffer instability due to lack of foster carers

Published: 16.05.13

Children are being moved too many times between foster families due to a lack of foster carers across the UK according to a survey from the Fostering Network.
Children suffer instability due to lack of foster carers

Over 60% of foster carers say their foster children have had at least two previous placement moves, and two in five (43 per cent) have looked after at least one child who has been moved four or more times. One in ten (11 per cent) report having cared for children who have had 10 or more moves before coming to live with them.

The report claims a shortage of foster carers means that children are often moved far away from their families, split up from their siblings and forced to change schools. Some may be placed with a foster carer who lacks the experience and skills to meet their needs.

Robert Tapsfield, Chief Executive of the Fostering Network, said:

"Some of the results from this survey are very worrying. Children who come into care have usually had traumatic experiences in their lives and have often suffered abuse or neglect. They need a stable and loving home to help them turn their lives around. Fostering can offer them this, and there are tens of thousands of fantastic foster families right across the UK. But the challenge for fostering services is to find the right foster carers with the right skills in the right place for each child."

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