Children asked to improve the care system

Published: 11.04.13

A new study has been launched asking for children’s views on their life in care.
Children asked to improve the care system

The Bright-Spot project, run by children's advocacy charity Voice and the University of Bristol, aims to identify practices and policies that improve children's experiences of life in care.

The project, funded by the Hadley Trust, will work with up to ten local authorities in England. Children and young people who are or have been looked after will be asked for their perspectives on the key elements of a 'good care journey' which will be translated into indicators. The project will focus on children with experience of foster care, residential care and secure accommodation, as well as children with a disability and children with other specific needs.

Local authorities who meet all or most of the 'good care experience' indicators will be identified as 'bright spots' and work will be undertaken to identify what practices and polices the local authority has in place to achieve these good outcomes. The final phase will be to roll out the learning to other local authorities.

Wendy Lewington, Director of Policy at Voice said:

"The current care system recognises the importance of a 'good' care journey, but this has come about mainly through information collected and interpreted by adults, rather than children and young people. More importantly, a significant amount of this information tends to focus on children's negative behaviours and poor outcomes. This has now resulted in an urgent need to understand what young people think can contribute positively to the success of a good care journey; a good care journey will enable young people to fulfil their potential and play a full role in society."

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