Budget to pledge £30m for quicker adoptions

Published: 06.07.15

A statement from Adoption UK's Chief Executive Hugh Thornbery on the Government's pledge ahead of Wednesday's (8th July) budget to spend £30m to speed up finding adoptive parents for children in care in England.
Budget to pledge £30m for quicker adoptions

"Adoption UK welcome anything that removes the barriers and delays to children being placed as it is known that delay is harmful for children. Too many children wait too long and some never get to be adopted – almost 1,500 had their plans for adoption reversed last year. This is not just about speeding up, it is about getting the best match possible.

If the cost of buying a placement from another agency is a barrier – and there is some evidence that it is – the Government's investment should help.

What our members want as well is a greater certainty about continuity of funding for adoption support – we hope to see this in the Spending Review in the Autumn."

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