Beyond the Adoption Order - DfE report on adoption disruptions

Published: 10.04.14

Research released by the University of Bristol and the Department for Education shows that adoption placements are 10 times more likely to breakdown in the teenage years compared with children under the age of four.
Beyond the Adoption Order - DfE report on adoption disruptions

Appropriate and timely support for families in need is key to determining the success of adoptive placements.

This report highlights that support services focus on the first years of adoption, and that there are few services supporting families with adopted teenagers.

Hugh Thornbery, Chief Executive of Adoption UK said:

"Adoption is a journey and it is crucial that families receive the support they need if there are challenges along the way. Many adopted children have experienced abuse and neglect and it is vital that support is available for their entire childhood and beyond, not just in the early years of an adoption placement.

"We are encouraged that this research heralds the start of a new era in our knowledge about adoption and will allow us to focus our vital work supporting adoptive families. Adoption UK is pleased to see that the overall disruption rate is low highlighting what we know from our members – that adoption has the potential to transform children's lives.

"Through the Adoption Leadership Board I will be working with the Government to improve the adoption system and ensure the Adoption Support Fund empowers parents to request and receive the support to which they are entitled. Adoptive families offering bright futures to some of society's most traumatised children deserve nothing less."

We are in the process of writing a digest of the key findings of this report which we will make available as soon as possible.

You can download the full report here or read a summary of the key findings on this page.