Adoptive parent’s birthday bash raises £1,000 for Adoption UK

Published: 06.10.15

An adoptive mum has raised almost £1,000 for Adoption UK by sacrificing gifts from her friends at her ’39 and-a-half birthday’ party by asking them to donate to us instead.
Adoptive parent’s birthday bash raises £1,000 for Adoption UK

Helen Worth, who will be 40 in December, decided to hold an early birthday bash in July at the Cheshire home she shares with her husband Matt and their two adopted children Huw, aged five, and Carys, three.

The couple entertained about 120 friends at the celebration nicknamed “party by the pond”, which included an outside bar manned by staff from their local pub, a barbecue and live music from a cover band.

Helen, who works as a farm animal vet, said: “Huw and Carys have been with us for about a year now, so it was a bit of an excuse for us to invite everyone around as we’d not been doing much socialising. I’m really pleased we did it as we all had a fantastic time and raised lots of money for a great cause too.

“Matt is a farmer, and had dug a lake out on some land behind our house several years ago.  It’s very scenic and we’d always thought it would be a great spot for a summer party”.

Helen decided to ask her friends to donate to Adoption UK, in lieu of gifts, after she and Matt became adoptive parents in April, last year.

She said: “I didn’t want presents as it’s obviously not a real birthday but I knew people would want to bring something so we thought asking people to donate to charity was the way to go. But we were not expecting to raise so much, so we’re really grateful to all of our friends for their generosity.”

Helen and Matt decided to adopt as they were unable to conceive.

“We first enquired about adopting in February 2013 so the whole process took just over a year,” Helen said.

Helen conceded that the last year has proven to be more “challenging” than they had anticipated but said Huw was “making progress” at school and Carys was developing well.

To donate £3 to Adoption UK text ‘adpt00£3’ to 70070 or to find out how you can get involved in raising much needed funds please call the Fundraising Team on 01295 752240.