Adoption UK welcomes the Government's continued commitment to adoption system

Published: 23.05.15

Hugh Thornbery, CEO of Adoption UK, welcomed the Government's commitment to further developments to the adoption system to be set out in the Queen's speech next week.
Adoption UK welcomes the Government's continued commitment to adoption system

Hugh said:

"The last Government made significant progress in improving the adoption system as seen in the increase in the number of children placed and important developments in adoption support. We hope that proposals will be set out in the Queen's speech that build on this intention to provide brighter futures for  children for whom adoption is the best option. I am pleased that the new Government has maintained a focus on adoption - there is yet more to do. Too many of our members still report a high and unhelpful degree of variability in the approach of adoption agencies and I have long held the view that 180 agencies in England does not make sense when only 5,000 children a year are being placed.  The encouragement to local authorities and voluntary adoption agencies to work more closely together under regional arrangements makes sense as long as we see continuous improvements in matching children and supporting families when they need it. 

"Adoption UK will be looking to see  much stronger links between the recruitment of adopters, matching with children and the provision of support. I want to see initiatives that bring a holistic approach to that support as so many children adopted from care have multiple and complex needs. I also want to see a much higher level of engagement of adopters in all aspects of the process. Many of the reforms to date have had the voice of adoptive families central to their development and we encourage the new Government to maintain this in its proposals."

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