Adoption UK welcomes continuity

Published: 13.05.15

Adoption UK welcomes the re-appointment of Children's Minister Edward Timpson.
Adoption UK welcomes continuity

Adoption UK welcomes the announcement today that Edward Timpson has been re-appointed to the newly formed Government and promoted to Minister of State for Children and Families at Department for Education.

Hugh Thornbery, Chief Executive of Adoption UK, said: "It’s encouraging to hear that Edward Timpson has been re-appointed as Children’s Minister in the newly formed Government.  During the last three years of the coalition government he has been a passionate supporter of the rights of looked-after children and has been open about his own family’s experience of adoption and fostering.

We feel that considerable progress has been made in England for adoptive families and adopted children and value the importance of continuity for adoption reforms that we hope this appointment brings.  At our earliest opportunity we will urge the new Minister to continue the Government’s commitment to funding of the Adoption Support Fund in England, to extend the statutory responsibility of the Virtual School Heads to include children adopted from care and to give them oversight to the use of Pupil Premium money and the development of personal education plans for adopted children.

We will also press the new Government to fund and implement the CAMHS Taskforce recommendations in vulnerable children which explicitly include adopted children and to secure the equivalent to Maternity Pay for self-employed adopters."