Adoption UK statement - Regional adoption agencies

Published: 23.06.15

Hugh Thornbery, CEO of Adoption UK, has responded to the announcement that new government funding worth £4.5 million is to be made available to help create regional adoption agencies.
Adoption UK statement - Regional adoption agencies

Hugh said: "Our overriding interest is to see the quality of the adoption system improve to meet the needs of adoptive families. We support a consolidation of the adoption system only if it improves the quality, sufficiency and accessibility of the advice and support that adopted children and their families need as consolidation does not automatically lead to service improvement.

"We believe that the previous Government introduced a number of measures that go some way to improving this – less avoidable delay, better understanding of performance at local, regional and national levels, more support to adopted children and their families through the Pupil Premium and the Adoption Support Fund and a range of other measures. We support the overall policy direction that continues with the current government but continue to have concerns about the quality of implementation at local levels and the risk that investment is either not used well or is replacing savings made at a local level.

"Adoption UK looks forward to working with leaders in the adoption field to advise and support the new developments. We are passionately committed to ensuring that the voice of adoptive families is central to planning the new arrangements and will provide every support to the leadership across the sector to achieve this."