Adoption UK backs need for new attachment guidance for social workers

Published: 26.11.15

Adoption UK’s chief executive Hugh Thornbery is pleased the need to provide social workers with new guidance on how to assess a child’s attachment and what they should do if issues are found, has been identified.
   Adoption UK backs need for new attachment guidance for social workers

The guidance, published on 25th November by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), said all children, young people and their parents should get equal access to attachment interventions regardless of care status. It also sets out specific attachment interventions for children who have been adopted and at different ages.

Mr Thornbery said: “One of our campaigns has been to call on policymakers to ensure ring-fenced additional support is available to all adopted children, wherever and whenever they need it, to help achieve the best possible holistic support which we know can be transformative in their lives.”

Mr Thornbery agrees with NICE’s recommendations that social care, health and education processes should remain consistent and stable for children with attachment difficulties.

He said: “This can be achieved with a comprehensive, joined-up approach from schools, social workers, health and mental health professionals.”

Mr Thornbery added: “This is an encouraging start but in the next stage of the NICE guidance I’d hope to see a recommendation that all children adopted from care who have experienced early trauma, will receive this support, even if they’re not diagnosed as having attachment difficulties, as we believe the current definitions of attachment are too narrow.”

Click here to read NICE’s recommendations in full.