Adoption UK asks adopters in England for their views on the Adoption Support Fund

Published: 28.09.17

In our latest survey, Adoption UK is seeking the views of adoptive parents living in England on the Adoption Support Fund (ASF).
Adoption UK asks adopters in England for their views on the Adoption Support Fund

This autumn the Department for Education (DfE) will be reviewing the ASF with a particular focus on the Fair Access Limit (FAL), introduced last year.

Adoption UK is committed to ensuring the voice of adopters is heard during this review. That is why, through the vehicle of Adopter Voice, we will be conducting a survey to collect the thoughts and views of adoptive parents on the ASF.

The survey, which does not require respondents to be identified - and should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete - covers key areas of the fund such as access, the speed of assessment and cost of therapy as well as the FAL.

The FAL was introduced in October 2016 after the DfE announced that demand for the ASF was over twice level forecast. A limit of £5,000 per child was introduced as well as a match-funding approach whereby local authorities share the cost of support over the fair access limit. Access to match-funding is based on a high risk of adoption breakdown among other factors.

Adopters who have not attempted to access the fund are also encouraged to complete the survey.

The results of the survey will help to inform Adoption UK's message to government on the future of the ASF. The results will also add considerable weight to the existing evidence we have on the need for timely and appropriate support for adoptive families across the UK - a long-standing campaign priority of ours.

The deadline for respondents to complete and submit the questionnaire is 11.59pm on Sunday 8th October. If you have any issues with the survey then please contact us at enews@adoptionuk.org.uk.

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Adoption UK would like to thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. At no point will respondents be asked for their personal details - so complete anonymity is guaranteed.