Adoption UK and After Adoption receive half a million pound grant

Published: 15.02.16

Adoption UK and After Adoption have been awarded a grant of more than half-a-million pounds to deliver a joint project to help adoptive families in Wales.
Adoption UK and After Adoption receive half a million pound grant

The project Getting it Right for Every Child will focus on providing support, information and counselling to adoptive families. It will also provide peer-to-peer preventative and early intervention approaches and will maximise the adopter’s voice.

Its aim is to ensure that every child and family affected by adoption across Wales will have access to high quality adoption support by 2021. It will be developed by After Adoption and Adoption UK, as well as the National Adoption Service and its main stakeholders.

The Third Sector grant is for £564,477 over three years, of which only £200,000 has been currently secured. This is because the Welsh Government budget is only confirmed for the financial year 2016/17. The remainder of the grant is dependent upon the results of the Welsh Assembly elections in May 2016.

The grant is part of almost £22m of funding which has been awarded to organisations and projects that support vulnerable children, adults and older people by the Welsh Government.

Hugh Thornbery, Adoption UK’s chief executive, said: “We’re delighted as this grant will allow us to develop our work for adoption support and adopter engagement in Wales, in partnership with After Adoption and the National Adoption Service and the five regional adoption agencies and our partners in the voluntary sector.

“It will allow us to offer peer support, buddy services and courses for adoptive parents across Wales, such as Parenting Our Children and Non-Violent Resistance.  We will also be able to continue to offer Adoption UK membership, free of charge, to every new adopter in Wales for their first year.”

Lynn Charlton, CEO of After Adoption, said: “We are delighted that we can continue to provide adoption support services to children and adoptive families in Wales and to combine our expertise with our sector colleagues Adoption UK to contribute to the National Service in Wales.”

Mr Thornbery added: “I cannot emphasise enough the role that Ann Bell, our development manager for Wales, has played in this success. She has been a fantastic leader of Adoption UK in Wales using the transition to a national adoption service as an opportunity to create real advantage for us and our beneficiaries.”

Ms Bell said: “This is tremendous news for adoptive parents across Wales as they will now receive much more of the support they deserve. Adoptive parents in Wales do not have an Adoption Support Fund like their counterparts in England but they are a hugely resourceful group of people so with just little extra support they can make a huge difference to not only their own lives but other lives as well.”

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