Adoption Support Fund launched in ten areas

Published: 26.06.14

Most adopted children have experienced abuse and or neglect and many will require ongoing support to overcome their early life experiences and build bright futures. Using the voice of our members we have been campaigning for more adoption support to be available for many years. In September 2013 our determination was rewarded and £19.3 million investment in the Adoption Support Fund in England was announced.
Adoption Support Fund launched in ten areas

Since then our Chief Executive Hugh Thornbery has been appointed Chair of the Adoption Support Fund Expert Advisory Group to oversee the development of this policy. Through Hugh the voice and experience of the adopter community is informing how the fund works in practice. The group brings together practitioners from local authorities, Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services, voluntary sector adoption support agencies, as well as adopters. We are consulting with adopted young people across the country to find out what support they would like to access.

From today the Adoption Support Fund begins the prototype phase in ten local authorities. We're excited that families in these areas will now start to benefit from additional adoption support. The prototype local authorities are:

  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • North Yorkshire
  • Solihull
  • Leicester
  • Hampshire
  • Gloucestershire
  • Cornwall
  • East Sussex
  • Lewisham

Read our Frequently Asked Questions Document to find out more about the fund including who is eligible and what the fund will will pay for and click here to see how the process will work.

Through the prototype phase new ideas and approaches to delivering adoption support will be tested and we will learn from this experience to inform the national roll-out of the fund in early summer 2015. We will be making recommendations to the Children's Minister for how the national Adoption Support Fund should work.

We continue to campaign for a right to adoption support for all families across the UK, and we won't rest until all families receive the support they need. The voice of adopters enabled us to influence policy makers in England to invest in the Adoption Support Fund. Please continue to support us to bring about lasting change for all adopted children in the UK. 

Commenting on the launch Hugh Thornbery, Adoption UK Chief Executive said:

"Adoption is a most marvellous thing, it changes children's lives. To ensure more children get maximum benefit from adoption we have, on behalf of our 10,000 members, been championing the need for adoption support for many years. Support is key to ensuring stable, successful adoptions where children thrive. We are delighted to see families starting to benefit from the investment in the Adoption Support fund in 10 prototype areas.

"Through my role as Chair of the Adoption Support Fund Expert Advisory Group I am working closely with Government to ensure that adopters' experiences continue to inform how this fund works in practice.

"The Adoption Support Fund has the potential to revolutionise how we support adoptive families and transform the lives of many vulnerable children. We expect the Adoption Support Fund to be a sustainable long-term programme and we continue to campaign for all adoptive families to have a right to timely and appropriate support."

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