Adoption and fostering predominant form of care in Scotland

Published: 27.03.13

More looked-after children in Scotland are being cared for by prospective adopters and foster carers than at home for the first time, the Scottish government has revealed.
Adoption and fostering predominant form of care in Scotland

The latest children's social work statistics show that 5,541 children were being looked after by prospective adopters or foster carers during 2011/12, the highest level on record.

Scotland has a higher proportion of looked-after children than elsewhere in the UK. Since 2001 the number of looked-after children in Scotland has risen by 49 per cent though the rate of increase has slowed with less than a one per cent increase from 16,231 in 2011 to 16,248 in 2012. This is equivalent to 1.8 per cent of Scotland's under-18 population.

The proportion of children on the child protection register remains lower in Scotland than the rest of the UK. Scottish children also spend less time on the register. The statistics also reveal that kinship care is increasing with 4,076 children being looked after in this way in 2012 compared with 3,910 in 2011. Children continue to be looked after at younger ages and are being looked after for a longer time

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Download a full copy of the statistics is available here.