15,000 kids and counting

Published: 03.04.14

Channel 4 documentary 15,000 kids and counting is a new series following the adoption process.
15,000 kids and counting

Filmed over two years, the three part series follows social workers, birth parents, adopters and foster carers as difficult decisions are made about some of the country’s most traumatised and vulnerable children.

With thousands of children waiting in the care system for a stable, permanent and secure home in the form of an adoptive placement, high profile coverage of adoption is a valuable way of raising awareness and addressing the shortage of prospective adopters.

Commenting on the first episode which focuses on the decision to remove a child from their birth family, Chief Executive of Adoption UK, Hugh Thornbery said:

“The needs of children are paramount and the decision to permanently remove a child from their birth family is never one taken lightly. This documentary highlights the detail of the process involved. It is vital that vulnerable children are placed at the heart of the decision making process and that prospective adopters are supported to provide loving homes for children who cannot return to their birth families.”

The series starts at 9pm, Thursday 3 April on Channel 4.