‘All I want for Christmas is toast and Maltesers’

Published: 20.12.16

Christmas can be a particularly difficult time for adopted children - far from being magical and peaceful; the hype, pressure to socialise and change in routine can trigger emotions and memories that are scary and overwhelming.
‘All I want for Christmas is toast and Maltesers’

It is vital for adoptive parents to receive the correct information and support to help their children cope with, and begin to enjoy, this time of year - which is why Adoption UK has launched its Christmas Appeal.

Adoptive parent Sarah told Adoption UK how her daughter was aged five when they wrote her first Christmas list together. “It only had two items on it - toast and Maltesers. It utterly broke my heart that she had such low expectations of Christmas because of her previous experiences,” Sarah said.

Clare, wells up with tears as she recalls how shortly after adopting her two children, her son, then aged four, told her: “Father Christmas never visits me or my sister”.

Wendy’s adopted son’s Christmas wish-list goes from being very long to a single item of little cost – “in the hope he gets one thing at least”. While adoptive father Scott concedes: “Actually, this is the worst time of the year for us.”

This is why Adoption UK membership – be it the peer-to-peer support we’re able to provide through our helpline, or the advice on our online forum, or the courses and training we provide - is vital for all adoptive families.

Adoption UK member Helen asked: “How do adoptive families manage to build any kind of sensible life together without Adoption UK? They were the ones who gave us support, made sense of our children’s behaviour and helped us manage it, explaining their trauma and attachment issues which cause such difficulties.”

This Christmas, please show your support for the amazing adoptive families who are building brighter futures for society's most vulnerable children.

A donation of £5 to Adoption UK will enable us to reach, support and give voice to more of the UK's 38,000 adoptive families, this Christmas time and in 2017. 

A regular donation of just £2 a month to Adoption UK will help us plan and invest in future support and campaigning activities which will ensure we are there for all future adopted children and adoptive families, too. 

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