We are delighted to have partnered with the UK’s leading provider of online children's services training, AC Education, to develop a new collection of online training courses for the adoption community. Provided by AC Education and available to complete in your own time (perfect for busy parents!), these courses will enable prospective adopters, adoptive parents and Special Guardians to expand their knowledge, gain new skills and grow in confidence.

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New courses available through AC Education:

Understanding early trauma and the effect on adopted children: Children adopted today will have experienced trauma and loss. Explore the long-term effects on the developing brain, emotions and behaviours.

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in adopted children: Children adopted today are at a high risk of having FASD.  Learn more about what FASD is, the long-term impacts and how we can support our children.

Supporting the mental health needs of adopted children: Written in conjunction with YoungMinds, this course helps you understand and identify mental health conditions, and provides practical advice on supporting children.

Self-harming behaviours in adopted children: This course explores the the causes and signs of self-harming and will help you understand how to effectively support adopted children suffering with these behaviours.

Social media, selfies and sexting - supporting your adopted child to act safely online: Parents worry their children are at risk from misuse of social media or from unsolicited contact from birth families. Gain the knowledge you need to guide and protect your child. 

Drug and alcohol abuse in young adopted people:-Learning about substances and the reasons young people misuse them is the first step in protecting and helping young people.  Gain the knowledge to help protect your child.

NEW: Life Story Work for Adoptive Families: This course provides adoptive parents with the appropriate skills and the confidence to help their children, at key stages of their life, to piece together a complete narrative of their history, birth family and experiences. 

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Adoption UK member Philippa says she’s impressed by our new online training on FASD https://youtu.be/FgIvhX8UPBo