A lot of work with children who have experienced abuse and neglect focuses on relational and psychological therapies. These can be complemented by an intervention like BUSS, which brings together an understanding of the impact of trauma on the child, the importance of loving relationships and an inherent need to move in order to develop good bodily regulation. The focus of the model is to support families in using games and activities that will allow them to rebuild underdeveloped parts of a child’s foundation systems.

Sarah Lloyd is a specialist occupational therapist and play therapist, and author of the Building Underdeveloped Sensorimotor System Model (www.bussmodel.org).

Ruth Coppin and Sophie Varian Nutall are adoptive parents of preschool children who have lived experience of using the BUSS model with their adopted children and discuss the process of doing this and the impact it’s had on their life and their child’s life.

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