While 2020 has brought with it some trying times, for prospective adopter Josie an extended period of furlough and the support of Adoption UK members encouraged her to bring her plans to adopt forward. Now nearing approval panel, she shares her experience of her (primarily online) journey so far.

"I’ve wanted children for as long as I can remember and have long thought of adoption as a positive thing to do.
I first started to consider adoption as a realistic route to parenthood when I was in a (wholly unhealthy) same-sex relationship. The relationship ended some time ago, but in the years that followed in discovering who I am again, I realised that when I’d pictured myself with children, they were always toddler age, and that maternal desire to become pregnant and birth a baby, which so many feel, was not something I felt I needed to do.
Now in my thirties, I’ve found happiness in being single, but with a need to be a mum and so many little ones out there needing a safe family, applying to adopt made all the sense in the world."

Gary and his wife were at an advanced age (early 50s and mid 40s respectively) when they began their adoption journey in November 2018. They were approved to adopt in June 2019 and embarked on finding their forever family. Their ideal family consisted of a sibling group of 2, aged between 2 and 5 years.

In March lockdown meant their journey was put on hold with lots of uncertainty on how the matching process could be finalised. With support from the AUK Team, fellow prospective adopters, and the children’s Social Worker they explored the relaxing of government restrictions to push their journey forward to reach a satisfactory conclusion.
Their sibling girls aged 2 and 6 came home at the end of July.

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