Books in our Lending library: 

Please note that the stock of books to borrow from us is limited, so if a book is not available you may be able to find it via an online bookstore. And if you do borrow books, please return them swiftly when finished with them so others can make use of them.

A practical guide to the pupil premium - for Adopters in England

A quick guide to children's special needs

Education - A parents' handbook

Guerrilla learning: How to give your kids a real education with or without school

Inside I'm hurting

What about me?

Adoption UK also have a fantastic resource book called - Let's Learn Together - which is available to buy from the Adoption UK shop here. 

Adoption UK's Education Advisor - Rebecca Brookes has also written a brilliant book published by JKP called: The Trauma and attachment aware classroom - which is available to purchase from the JKP website and as a member you get a discount by using the following code: AUKJKP - just click here to get your copy.


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