Mike and Susan

Adoptive parents Mike and Susan have received vital help from the Adoption Support Fund for issues faced by their daughter Anna. 

They were seeking support for Anna’s violence and aggression towards them and her brother and the fact that she was urinating on the floor as a form of protest.

The family were offered Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) for both mother and daughter and since starting the sessions Anna is able to talk about her feelings and is no longer urinating on the floor. The incidents of physical violence towards Susan have decreased.

Susan said: “Coming to therapy has taken a weight off my shoulders and helps to make things easier at home.

“The Adoption Support Fund has been good for both Anna and us. Anna has never been able to talk about her feelings at home before. I don’t think she even knew what her feelings were.

“Going to therapy gives me the chance to share my difficulties with someone and offers support to help me manage.”

Mike and Susan had adopted Anna and her brother after fostering them.

The children had suffered neglect and some suspected physical abuse in their birth home.

They were removed from their birth parents and lived with their grandparents for a time but this placement broke down and they were then placed with Mike and Susan.

Anna and Susan had already had a 12-week block of DDP through their local authority, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council. The introduction of the Adoption Support Fund enabled the authority to offer another block of 14 weeks of DDP.

This included weekly/fortnightly therapy sessions of one hour, with phone calls in between and attendance at meetings with school or other relevant agencies.

Susan also attended a course on child to parent violence as part of the support package.