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Because of their past experiences, Christmas can be tough for adopted children. Please help us ensure support is there.

Bethany's story

Bethany* was taken into foster care shortly after birth and, at 18-months old, found her ‘forever home’ with mum, Claire*.

Due to her birth mother’s alcohol misuse during pregnancy, Bethany was born with a range of physical and neurological disabilities – a life-long condition known as Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).

Now four years old, Bethany has reduced muscle control, delayed speech and difficulties processing sensory information.  She can become very anxious in new and busy situations so Christmas is an unsettling time. 

“We attempted Christmas carols once but the noise was too much for Bethany” explains Claire. “She also finds the surprise of receiving gifts overwhelming so we keep the whole thing low key.”

Bethany and Claire are not alone. Christmas is a tough time for lots of adopted children and their families.

Of the thousands of children adopted each year, around 75% were initially taken into care due to abuse or neglect and, today, the average age of a child at adoption is three years old.  The impact of these early traumatic experiences, even with the love of their adoptive families, can be long-lasting and many children require significant, ongoing support.

Christmas can evoke painful memories and confusing emotions for adopted children. Having experienced danger and upheaval in their early life, the celebrations and change of routine can even be frightening.

So Adoption UK and our supportive community are here for adoptive families through Christmas, and beyond. Please consider making a donation to Adoption UK so that we can keep supporting the amazing adoptive families who are building brighter futures for our most vulnerable children. 

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*Names have been changed to protect identities. Image posed by models.

Coping with Christmas