FASD Month 2021FASD Think Differently Video

FASD Month is fast approaching, and we need your help! In September, we have lots of exciting things planned, and you can help us by taking part in a video we are planning on our theme “FASD Think Differently”.

We would like you to record yourself answering the question “Why do we need to think differently about FASD?”. Maybe you have personal or professional knowledge of FASD or maybe you have been following our social media this year where we have given lots of ideas on why we need to think differently about FASD.

We would like you to record yourself doing a 30-40 second video, in landscape, you could do this on your mobile phone.   Send us the video via WeTransfer to [email protected] or using WhatsApp to 07500 968475 by 31st July 2021.  Please make sure you include your name in the message you send so we know it is you.

We will then use all the clips we receive to create a series of short films to be shared through our social media as part of our FASD Month activities. If you decide to take part, you will also need to complete a consent form – you can find the form here:

Without your consent we will not be able to include your video. If you have any questions – just let us know!

FASD Heroes – secret mission…

Can you help us with a top-secret mission? As part of our FASD Month plans, we would like to capture the voice and experiences of children and young people, and young adults with FASD.

We have created 3 activity sheets, and we would love child, young person, young adult to complete one or more of them and return it to us. 

FASD Comic  
has space on it to answer the questions by drawing the response.   

FASD Quotes  
has questions that you can asked and space to write the answers. 

FASD Siblings   
is an opportunity for the other children in your home to have their voices heard too.

There is a space for the individuals first name only, or it can be left blank if you would prefer – some of the completed activity sheets may be used on social media. We would be delighted if you could complete 1 or more activity sheet, then scan, photograph or screenshot it and return it to us at [email protected] or you can send it to us via messenger through Facebook to @FASDHub Scotland. If you would like to scan it, we have found the mobile phone scanner ‘Microsoft Lens’ to be really helpful – you could save the image as a PDF and email it to us.

Thank you! - We can't wait to see your all of your responses!


Social Media Frame

You can get involved by uploading the FASD Think Differently profile frame to your social media. Don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Click the link above or the image to the right to download.