You can access the Adoption UK Forum by clicking the button below or the blue button marked Forum in the top right hand corner of the screen. 


The Forum is hosted on the same system as the previous website and functions in the same way.

If you you are an existing Forum user, login using your existing username and password by clicking on the login tab in the top right hand corner of the Forum landing page. 

Once logged in your profile will load as before, click the Forum tab to navigate back to the Forum.

If you are not currently a Forum user and would like to register, click on the register tab in top right hand corner of the Forum landing page or alternatively click here: 

When registering to use the Forum please remember: for security reasons we advise against using your real name, initials, email, location and DOB as your username (in part or as whole). Your username should be an entirely original creation. 

Your login for the Forum will be separate from your login for the website.

We understand this may be confusing to begin with so any issues or queries please get in touch at [email protected]

Our Forum rules and moderation policy

To ensure that the our forums are a safe, supportive and smooth-running facility for all our users, ourselves and any connected third parties, we have created a set of forum rules of use.

Please take a moment to read these rules

How to use the Forums

Here are some useful documents to help get you started

How to post on the forums

How to send a private message

How to check your messages

How to turn notifications on and off