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If anyone has experience of adopting through either West Sussex or Pact and is willing to share their experiences either positive or negative I would be very grateful. Feel free to pm me. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Pinkfizz.

We're just about to start the process. We've enquired with West and East Sussex. East Sussex said that after the initial 8 weeks of phase one that our social worker will come to our house for half a day, every day for TWO WEEKS! What??? I've not heard that any where else and reading the information they sent me it'll be 1-3 hours every week and from what I can work out that'll be for 4 weeks. My friend works for social services and said she'd never heard of the 2 week thing. I'm to hear back from West Sussex, should hear next week and I've also enquired with Barnardos. I read somewhere that said you should look at three or four agencies before you decide the best one for you.

Please let me know how you get on with your journey. My fingers are crossed for you x

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