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Hi, I am visually impaired and am now in Stage 2 of the adoption process. My husband is fully sighted.

I just wondered if there is anyone else out there who is VI and has gone through Adoption. I have some usable vision and am a guide dog user.

If there is anyone out there who can offer any advice, I would be very grateful.

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Hi, not VI but a wheelchair user. I would say it wouldn't matter what your disability as long as you can display your ability to parent a child. Good luck xx

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I am VI myself and am currently in Stage 2. I can't really give too much advice. However, our social worker is currently writing the firs draft of our Panel report and tries to make sure that the VI thing is only secondary (e.g., mentioning it last in the profile rather than at the start). She also had a great idea to help Panel understand that I can deal with children and take care of them as they might have doubts despite the fact that I have done lots of babysitting and many volunteer hours. She suggested to make a video of me playing and taking care of children to then be an Appendix of my Panel report.

how are things going on your end?

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Hello Downter, Thank you so much for your message. My husband and I are currently in Stage 2 as well and our social worker is writing the first draft of our Panel Report. She has not advised how she will be dealing with my VI. She did say originally that she would not focus on the VI however its all she seems to talk about and has asked me to write details of how I would cope if left alone with a child, I have quite a lot of usable vision and have found this quite difficult, I look after my nieces and nephews on my own regularly, but she seems to be focusing on my VI.

I live in Warwickshire and although they have had disabled individuals go through the adoption process they have never had anyone with a VI and I think the social worker is struggling with this. Can I ask what area/county you live in and if you are using your local authority or an agency? Have they worked with VI adopters before or are you the first?

What you have said about ensuring the VI thing is only secondary (e.g., mentioning it last in the profile rather than at the start). I think is a really positive thing and am hoping that my social worker will do the same. I also think the video idea is very good and I am considering doing this myself and asking if it can be used as evidence.

Do you use a cane or do you have a guide dog? I have a guide dog called Vanya.

I don't know whether you have come across it, but there is a group on Face Book, called Blindmumsconnect which I have joined, it is for any VI mums or expectant mums, but they allowed me to join as a potential mum, and the ladies on here share tips and ideas and lots of information about parenting and problems they have etc as well as lots of useful information about products theu use and pushchairs etc.

Would be great to keep in contact.

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I am not v.i but have had m.s for many years. There was reluctance from s.s when decided to adopt our second sibling group (we have 4 ,2 sets of siblings) as to how we would manage. We talked a lot about activities we would do with the children some that might be more tricky if my health deteriorated.

At times I couldn't do long walks with them but made up for that by going swimming with them twice a week for years.

We camped and youth hostelled round Europe and NZ.

We adopted our youngest aged 6 thinking he had a learning disability. No one had picked up he was visually impaired ! .

He went to mainstream school. Then to uni . He has played 2 different v I sports at international level and lives a very busy life juggling work school and uni friends and 3 different sports ! Some of his work involves working with children

I could see no reason why he or any of his v I friends wouldn't make excellent parents!

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