Telling teenagers from divorced relationship about prospective adoption

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Does anyone have experience they can share of strategies for telling teens from a first marriage about plans to adopt. Teens spend a couple of nights and one full day with birth father and his second wife and they are obviously anxious that birth children don't feel they are being pushed aside or are "not enough"

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Hi there, this is exactly my question/situation but no-one responded to you!! You posted some time ago so I wonder if you are still using the forum. If you are then I would really value any experience you had. OR anyone else?! My partner's daughter stays with us every other weekend and one day during the week. She is 12 and has already entered the difficult teenage years. She has a good relationship with her dad but she is not great at opening up about things that worry her. Initially she told the SW she was happy with the idea of adoption but on a second meeting she expressed more concerns, like that she would not get the same attention / love from her dad. She is not averse to the adoption, but we could really do with some strategies for talking to her about it in more detail so that she is really on board and clearer about what it will mean for her. I would love her to be able to meet another teenager who has experienced an adoptive sibling. Thanks for any advice.

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It may be worth asking your SW if they know anyone they can put you in touch with - a teenager with a similar situation - I'm sure there are many

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Hi just come back in the boards as our daughter who is 18 has left home and totally devastated. However on your question when we started the process 15 -16 years ago our children were spoken to in great length. We have 3 other children 29,25 and 20. My daughter 25 is technically my step-daughter, the eldest my son is hubby's step-son. However all kids brothers, sisters etc and really close. At the time we had her every weekend and hols fri to Monday and she was totally involved in the process.

I have to say the three of them were fantastic with our AD from day one and it hasn't been easy for them over the years with her behaviour. My step-daughter of all 3 is the most angry about the whole situation but not sure if that's a girl think as my two sons are annoyed with her but more worried about me and their dad I guess.

All of our 3 children were spoken to about what we were like as parents, step-parents and had to write letters about us .. it was quite intense.

I honestly think if they know what's going on kids are very versatile and accept things as long as they are included. Hope things are working out in your journey x

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