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Dear all,

A recent thread has been removed at the original poster’s request. Adoption UK has been monitoring the thread and been in touch with those who required support.

As the subject had gone off topic we refer you to -

Rule 2 of the Adoption UK Forum Rules of Use:

The Adoption UK message boards are for adopters, prospective adopters and those interested in adoption to communicate advice, support and knowledge and to respectfully express their opinions in discussions – regardless of their level of adoption experience or time as message board users. All message board users must be respectful of other users' opinions and experiences. Adoption UK does not tolerate any form of verbal abuse, online bullying or deliberate attempts to initiate tension/arguments on the Adoption UK message boards. Any user found to break this rule will receive a formal warning and/or, in extreme or persistent cases of this rule break, may be suspended/banned from the Adoption UK message boards.

If there are concerns about a user or the nature of a thread and its posts then please either contact Adoption UK through using the Report Content function on the Forum, by private message or by contacting Adoption UK directly at onlineteam@adoptionuk.org.uk

We refer you to -

Rule 15 of the Adoption UK Forum Rules of Use:

If message board users suspect that another user is a 'troll', they should report their suspicions to the online community moderators by either using the 'reported topic' function on the message boards or by emailing onlineteam@adoptionuk.org.uk. It is not acceptable to (directly or indirectly) publicly suggest that another user is a 'troll'. Where any users do publicly suggest this, their post(s) will be removed and they will receive a formal warning in accordance with rule two of these Rules of Use.

Full Rules of Use can be found here

We know that our Forums are a very valued part of our support offering. We would, however, like to remind everyone that the key thing on our Forums is to be supportive to each other.

Please remember:

> Some people will be having a particularly tough time and may be more sensitive to comments.
> Before posting a comment always think ‘is this going to help?’
> A great way to support others who are struggling is to talk about your own experience. If you don't want to share it publicly, drop them a private message.
> Respect everyone’s right to have their own views. Remember that everyone’s experience is individual. It’s not about winning an argument or being right.
> You don’t have to respond.
> Look after yourself...take regular breaks from the boards.

Again, if you have any concerns or worries, please contact the Online Team by private message or via onlineteam@adoptionuk.org.uk.

Online Team

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