Stage 1 - Two Day Training Programme

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Hi All,

We are progressing as far as we know nicely through Stage 1. DBS, Medicals and References are all under way, Employers and Family are all aware that after talking about it for some time we are going for it.

In a couple of weeks we have our 2 day training.

Just wondering what peoples experiences of the training is? What to expect? and anything we can do before hand to help us along?


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There were approx. 12 couples in our group. Its pretty full on the the two days, lots of hard hitting information about what looked after children have been through and what to expect when they come to you, due to their early life experiences. We broke into smaller groups to complete tasks and then one member had to stand up in front of the class and explain the answers they had given. We also did a small amount of role play.

The lady who ran our class was a very experienced adopter and was very open and honest about her experiences as an adopter. We even had some guest speakers, other adopters and foster carers came to talk to us.

It was a real eye opener into modern day adoption, some of the people looked visibly shocked and upset by what they were hearing, but you need to be prepared for what may happen once you have a child placed with you. I remember leaving after the two days just mentally exhausted and quietly contemplating what the future may hold. We did go on a further two day course but that was over three years ago, so it may be different now.

Just relax, listen to what they are saying, and try to join in as much as possible. My husband was very quiet, but that was because we had a guy in class who wouldn't let others speak, but the feedback from the course leader was slightly negative and it went on our PAR.

Speak to other fellow class members, you may make some good friends for the future.

Good luck x

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We only had a small group with 2 other couples and we had group discussions, presentations, group exercises and self refelection notes (our sw wants to see these notes when we start out interviews in the new year). We looked at a range of issues including the process before children are removed from families, examples of how children lives begore adoption and getting us to consider the effects of this. On the second day we also had the chance to speak with an adoptive parent - warts &all which was the most insightful part for us.

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The course is a 2-way process - it is also an opportunity for them to get to know you better. So do contribute. We stood out in our course for not being focussed on babies, and after the course we were quickly assigned a sw while beforehand we were told there would be a wait. We have wondered if that was because they had our children in mind for us, we were linked right after approval.

Read up as much as you can beforehand, it helps you demonstrate that you have an understanding of the issues around adoption.

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