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Dear all,

We have finally managed to get an EHCP for our 13 year old son. It has been the hardest thing ever to get to this stage.

Our (adopted) son is now 13 and has been out of mainstream education since April. He has Conduct Disorder with significant attachment issues along with dyspraxia, dyslexia, sensory (tactile) issues and the Independent EP we paid for ourselves (!) thinks he has high functioning autism. So there is a lot going on. In the meantime, our son has taken on the persona of a "gangster" or hard knock - think the phrase is "difficult to reach" - it is now impossible to reach. So we are in a desparate situation.

The only good news is that we do now have an EHCP and so have been told by our LA to "find" schools for him! We are trawling the internet but it is so difficult and also really really important so I wondered if anyone here could recommend a specialist school. We are also having now to look at Residential Schools.

We live in the Midlands but really want to make sure we can get the best school setting for him so are looking further afield too.

Thank you in advance if anyone can recommend anywhere or has experience they are willing to share?

Best wishes,


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I found that just about all the schools, especially residential, are listed on specialneedsuk.org

Will PM you also.

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My eldest daughter had tried 4 mainstream secondary schools for her son - he has HFA but not nearly as complex as your son - he couldn't cope with mainstream at all and the last one he went in was just so anxious life at home became impossible. They now have him at a home ed type school which is 4 days per week which is fine for him and he is happy there. LEA finally agreed (though they are inclined to try to get you to accept one mainstream school after another). The school is run by people who love the subject they teach so not strictly NC and they don't have all subjects though do have English and maths to GCSE -- they are applying to became a "free" school so LEA will fund the place if they do (£40pw) Attendance isn't a problem as you sign up for what you want and there's no uniform or homework. Its in Essex but maybe there's something similar near you? Maybe some home ed organisation might list them? Somewhere else you could look is the National Autistic Society

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he is 14 - I think probably yr 9 too

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Friends of mine adopted three children and the eldest (attachment disorder and FAS) really struggled in main steam and with living in a loving family after her life with birth family. She moved from school to school (including local specialist, alternative religious school, and main stream and non worked.. I think she ended up at Prospects school:- http://prospectscare.co.uk

It is a specialist independant school in Wrexham (north wales) But it is residential. But friends daughter really settled for the first time.

Depending on how desperate you are.... I think there is also a good specialist school in Chester area.

Also try searching behavioural specialist / attachment apecialist schools.

Word of warning a family's daughter went to residential school due to attachment and other difficulties and would refuse to return to adoptive family and would stay at school for Christmas and all the holiday as she couldn't cope at home.

Best of luck.

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Breckenburgh school could be a good option going forward.

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I've known several people send their children to Cotswold chine school and have it work well.

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Macintyre Academies have a few specialist schools in the West Midlands, particularly for children with autism. Also, The Island Project, also in the Midlands. I don't have personal experience of either, just have friends who teach / have taught there

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