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We have our first home visit next week, wondered if any of you had any advice. What is it likely to entail? Would like to be prepared for any awkward questions.

we have a 3 year old birth daughter

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Remember this well! I was a bag of nerves despite being a SW myself! Very different on the other side! My visit was very informal. Motivation to Adopt, work and relationship situation, finances. She also wanted to see the house to ensure I had enough space (bedrooms) and that the house wasn't in a total state! (It had never been so clean ha ha!) afte this visit she recommended that I progress to stage 1. I think there is a pre stage one visit template. My advice is TRY to relax, be open and honest and dont stress about the bouse or having all the answers/ there is a lot of time for all of this x

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Thanks Maggie, that puts my mind at ease a little. They told us to expect the visit to last 2 - 3 hours - which seems an awful long time!

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It did take about 2.5 hours but trust me- it flies/ you're excited and talking about your exciting future! X

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Thanks Maggie, that makes me feel a lot easier about it. x

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