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I am currently going through stage one, I am a single white adopter, but i have a son from a previous relationship who is mixed race (black african/white british) my SW picked up on this and I advised I am more than happy to have a child of any ethnicity or mix. Do you think I am more likely to be placed with a mixed race child so that my children "match"?

thanks :)

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They wouldn't place a mixed race child purely for that reason. And I think your child lives with your ex partner?

They'd be looking more for what you understand about a childs culture, how you would support it.

It's not out of the question but there'll be a lot more to it than you having matching children!

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He does, but that doesn't make him any less my child or my adopted child's sibling. I am not concerned about what ethnicity by children are but from what I have read SWs like to match a child to a parent, I was wondering if this "matching" extends to the siblings for the child.

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I have a friend white single mum with an older mixed race child and her SW looking out for either for a match !

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thanks Betty :)

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