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My partner and I started the process but split up

And after the required time I am continuing the process on my own . I go to pane in June but am terrified but trying to keep it all together . !

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Well done for your resilience - exactly what Social Workers want to see! Did they ask you to have some time out to get over your relationship, or have you had any counselling? If not, it might be worth talking to someone, as that could be a potential hurdle.

Focus on your support network - and work on how you will expand that once you are matched - parent and toddler groups (or whatever is age appropriate for your LO), that sort of thing.

You will have a lot to think about in terms of earning and parenting at the same time, bit there are many other adoptive parents who do that well and there are resources out there to help - Adoption Allowance being one. Have you thought about posting in the single adopters's board - there may be some wise words to be had there and much more info in what benefits you might be entitled to.

I am so impressed you are going ahead anyway. I have been single parenting my two for much of the last month and I found it really hard work - but I did eventually get into a groove!

Best of luck!

Haven x

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Well done for continuing on your chosen path!

I'm a single adopter, two donor birth children and was approved by panel with no problems and a very enjoyable process leading up to it .... so just waiting hopefully now!

It does happen Smile

Good luck !!!

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Thank you for your help . Much appreciated x

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I initially adopted as a single lesbian. That was 5 years ago. Now I am married to my partner who also adopted my son. I thought I would be a lone parent, which was fine. Now a lot more balanced. You can do it. GOOD LUCK

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