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Hi does anyone on here receive these payments for themselves? If so what do you use it for? I've just applied for an assessment but the OT I spoke to on the phone says she doesn't think I stand a chance. I have said I need help around the home as I feel the housework etc a building up around me. Do works then comes home and is usually too knackered to lift a finger. Ds has recently agreed to some jobs around the home like his room and some small jobs in order to earn some pocket money. He's 10 and i think j he's a good age to be learning to do things like this but I also have to be careful not to let him 'care' for me as he was put in a position before he came to us where he basically was the adult! So I never want him to feel like that again. Hey said I wouldn't get anything financially for help with housework and it's only for people who get full time personal care. Ok I am a full time wheelchair user who self cares. Surely this counts for something? I'm exhausted true I f to get stuff done. If I could pay someone to do the laundry and ironing this would be such a load of my mind

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There's different levels of need and locally direct payments are only available to those with critical or substantial needs. Basically unless you get the care, you'd die or lack the most basic personal dignity. The la do have a responsibility towards disabled parents to support them and maybe this is an argument worth pursuing. The cuts to service are vicious locally and people with long standing packages of care and support are seeing their payments and hours severely cut. You might not get help to hoover but if you were to say I need support to keep a healthy environment for me and my son that might work?

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Thanks Pear Tree x

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