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How much do people as single adopters save before a child is placed with u

Just wanted rough guide as was thinking £2000 sounds like good amount to have saved if possible while on adoption leave? Guess all depends on if u can return to work after adopting child.

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Hi again.

Without wishing to be pedantic, you've already asked all these questions twice, I believe. People have taken the time to answer you in detail already - in May this year when you recognised that this was probably not the right time for you to adopt.

Maybe rather than ask again you could read through your previous posts? I'm not sure that you're going to get different responses than you've already had.

As people have said before, there's no hard and fast rule re savings. £2,000 is not a huge sum - children are expensive creatures and there's no guarantee of adoption allowance.

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Thanks donatella sorry I not very good on comp relise have asked this but unsure how to look back at past posts.

I'm sorry if I going on getting myself in better position now just tad scared and feel need to ask random daft questions as when pop into my head as want to be 100% fouced for adopting

Sorry for spelling's got dylexica I try keep my questions in my head instead blurting them out and annoying people as prop asked before

Such great group for advice I aprate it so usefull thanks

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Well it depends on your outgoings and income during your adoption leave and how long you are going to take off.

I didn't have a great deal more saved, but then I had 6 month adoption leave on full pay and three months half pay so I didn't need huge savings to get me through adoption leave.

Everyone will have different requirements

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If you click on Forum, then it takes you to a search facility. You can search by name, topic etc. Hope that helps

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Thank u that's great will do that

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