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Hi all, me and my partner have recently been approved as adopters. Would just like to hear about peoples experiences as adopting as a same-sex couple. Was any prejudice experienced during the approval process? What length of time did you wait til finding a AC? What has the reception to raising a child been?


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Yeah, no real prejudice during assessment, maybe took about 18 months to be placed from approaching a LA but that was before all the current changes.

Reception to raising a child has been unremarkable. Since adopting we have moved from the South to the North West then back to somewhere else in the South. No-one ever really mentions it one way or another. Zero issues from being gay to be honest.

Sorry that is a bit of a boring answer but not much to report!

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We've definitely experienced prejudice in our journey. Some LAs are worse than others.

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If your strong in your relationship with your child he/she will continue to make strong positive relationships.Be yourselves and people will gravitate towards that.At school our children party is "the party" that everyone wants an invite too because our party are not only for the kids but also the adults! no soggy sambos here please!

We have ent experienced any homophobia and you know what if we did it would be kicked to the kerb so quickly by school so don't worry you will be fine x

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Thanks for this, it's really good to know how positive it is.

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We were approved last week and had our first link before we went to panel. So far we haven't knowingly experienced any form of discrimination - everyone has been very open to us as adopters and seems to recognise where our strengths are, regardless of our being a same-sex couple

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If you are constantly on the lookout for discrimination I'm sure you will eventually find it! We have been a family for seven years now and experience the same ups and down as any couple regardless of orientation.We all have strengths and weaknesses that's the nature of our lives so just work with yours and you will be a positive role model for your child/ren.

Good luck with matching this is now the hard part!

Regards Westi

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