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Hi I'm waiting to hear if my SGO has been successful. I just wondered how hard it will be for BM to reverse it in the future? BM is 18 had a baby and is under mental health. She has also used drugs. BF is always permanently involved in criminal activity. I'm just worried that in 10 years time she'll be 28 bit more grown up and suddenly want her son back. It would be devastating. The court order will be that I will be his legal guardian until he is 18. Can anyone offer any advice? Xxx

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As i understand it the birth parents cannot just choose to go back to court to try and reverse the sgo order. They need permission from the court ( called leave to appeal). The court will only give leave to contest the order if they can show that they have really turned things around . Even if they have , the second part of the process has to look at whether it is in the childs best interest to be removed from the family and home that has been designated their ' forever family ' with all the disruption that would entail.

So the answer is yes it could happen but v v unlikely !

Hope that helps.

Just wondering Is adoption itself not on the table ? I only ask because i am a fc and i have refused sgo and always said adoption or fc . I have adopted one foster child and would love to adopt the other but they keep pushing sgo on us. He has complex needs and as an sgo finishes on a childs 18 th birthday we cannot see how this is a viable option. I am not a fan of them on the whole tbh and have a friend who has had lots of issues since taking her fc on one. Sorry dont mean to be the voice of doom but food for thought.

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well she might try but the liklihood of her succeeding is minimal. The interests of the child are paramount, the longer he is with you, the weaker the link is with her and the stronger it is with you. At 10 he would likely to be asked his own views.

My son's birth mother has recently popped up in connection with his brother, a full sibling who stayed with dad. Neither boy has seen or heard from her for 8 years. She has a similar 'lifestyle' and issues as your relative. To qoute the SW , 'over my dead body'

I think to place a child back with a birth parent after a long gap is pretty much unheard of.

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