Re-applying to different agency - what checks are done?

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My husband and I had our adoption application turned down 2 years ago. We are now considering re-applying, this time to a local authority rather than voluntary agency. We understand that the LA will of course want to check what happened with our previous application. Does anyone know what form the checks might take? Do they ask for all the information they have, reports etc? ( We were quite a way into stage 2 when things fell through). Or is it a simple phonecall? The VA wrote a report that we felt was really negative and we are wondering whether this would be passed on. We have already spoken to the LA so they are aware of previous application. Thanks in advance for any help.

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I guess it'll depend on the reasons you were turned down, whether any recommendations were made at the time, whether you followed those through and why you feel things are different now?

Understand you don't want to go into the reasons publicly but what's different now?

New agency will need some reassurance and comfort that they're going to get you to panel and matched.

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I changed agencies very late on in the process. The new agency will write to the last one and ask what the issues were. Then it depends what the issues were.

In my case, the first agency knew I was planning to make a complaint about them and were only too keen to to write a 'supportive' letter. I wish the second agency had in fact dug a little deeper because I then ended up being deferred at panel because the panel had questions.

My advice is to be totally honest with the new agency. If there were things you needed to address explain what you've done to address them. If there things you could have done better say so. I accepted that in the later stages Inhad not responded well to some of the actions of the LA. I didnt try to put all the blame on to the LA. I think that showed that I was prepared to reflect and take my share of responsibilty for what went wrong

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Many thanks for your comments, really appreciate it. Have already had long conversation with SW at new local authority and explained what happened before, and, as you say, what is different now. Will just see what happens next I guess.

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