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Me and my partner are currently waiting to attend our local preparation days with Leicester city council. Just really interest if anyone would be able to give us a insight as to what were likely to expect and they experiences of preparation days.

Matt & Richard

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I assume you are talking about the (approx 3 day) training course? Ours was (in some respects) much like any other training course: powerpoints, activities, discussions etc. We covered things like: attachment theory, the importance of names, dealing with potential behaviour issues, education issues. We also had chance to meet and speak to some adopters.

Ours was pretty good. It's never going to prepare you for the reality but it got us thinking about some issues we hadn't considered already and is a good chance to meet other adopters.

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Best way to see it as an introduction to adoption. You get some very basic but essential information what the kids have been through, what type of children are looking for a new family and what to expect throught the assesment process. We also made some good friends on the course who went on to adopt. If you can try and keep in contact, it really does help both pre and post placement.

I would strongly suggest changing your username, so you are no disclosing any person information. These forum are completely public.

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