A Positive Reception Year completed

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Our little one is just about to finish his first year at school. This time last year he'd visited his new school and clung to my leg. We stood out from all the other families as I was the only parent who had to stay in the classroom with little one attached himself to me, while all the other parents bonded over cups of tea. We had extra visits and nursery supported in his anxiety. He couldn't take part in any of the nursery leaving activities as any change to his usual routine caused him too much stress.

Fast forward 12 months and his first year has gone amazing well. I know it's early days, and the pressure is not yet on re learning, but in terms of how settled he is - I would never have believed it. I've thought about what's helped. He's been with us for 2.5 years, and 1.5 years in seemed to be a turning point in that he reached a new level of feeling more settled. He's also got a much tighter routine at school than he had at nursery (same staff, same kids, structure) which helped him settle more than he ever did at nursery. I think also seeing older children in the school has helped. The school talk very much about the progression through the school, and, rather than us just telling him that he's here "forever" I think now he's beginning to see that he'll be here when he's in Mr X's class and Mrs Y's class etc. Having a head and a teacher who seem to "get" adoption and how his background may impact has also really helped.

We still have wobbles and anxiety that seem more magnified than experienced by others in class, for example worrying that I won't know where he is when he moves class, not always feeling comfortable in new situations such as parties etc, but looking back on the year I'd never have believed we'd feel so positive at this point in the term.

I thought I'd share as I know as a parent we were anxious about the start of school. On the whole it's been a positive experience for our little one.

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Its amazing the progress they can make in a relatively short space of time. School sounds great.

happy holidays, roll on year 2 !

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That's great news! We too have had a very positive reception year. Not much progress learning wise, but certainly settled and content to go which is all we really hoped for this year.

A very supportive school for us too which we are so glad we picked. Incidentally it wasn't the school in our area that had the highest OFSTED etc but a great SEN team and pastoral care. They have put so much in place for our LOs and we are so pleased.

We are doing a talk to prospective adopters this afternoon, and this is one of my points to mention - choose schools carefully and thoughtfully. It makes so much difference.

Now only 3 days to get through until the holidays - fingers crossed I haven't jinxed anything!

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