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hoping to be approved very soon! Both me and hubby are mixed race and just wondered what other BME adopters experiences had been?

Our local authority do not have a child in mind for us currently, and have said that they don't mind if we want to go on adoption link. Just trying to prepare ourselves for the wait but not sure how long it will take?

Any advise very welcome x

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I noted that BAAF were planning to do targetted activity days for certain "harder to place" groups, and BME was one of them, so there may be something coming up you could look into? Although BAAF has ceased trading, but I think Coram BAAF has taken over this role, may be worth checking out the website? I think the length of wait will depend on many factors and your matching criteria. Adoption Link is definitely worth registering with. Good Luck

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Me & hubby both mixed x our story is approved in january this year x

joined sites attended days shown about 6 profiles & saw two cprs we were shown an out of county profile in feb was linked in march, matched in may, intros & home in june currently my beautiful baby is asleep upstairs x

Good luck !

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Hi I am we are a mixed couple one of us is white and the other black we got a yah very quickly in weeks of being approved however I will say that's with an agncey not a LA

I think their is a good chanced you will be matched quickly as their are still more BME children than adopters.

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We are a dual heritage couple (my partners white British and I am black Caribbean) we are hoping to be placed with a mixed race child however haven't had much luck yet. We were approved in May so we are still very new to the adoption world but wondered if there is anything else we could be doing to be proactively looking for dual heritage children?

We are keeping our fingers crossed but do not want to be pushed to the back of the pile with the adoption world changing so much in the last few months.

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