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Our LA lost my wife's medical report three times, a confidential report, missing in the local authority or hospital mail system.

They took the phrase 'adoptor led' to the extreme during stage one - made out it was out fault that we were overdue a 1st review meeting. Didn't bother to tell us about organised support group meeting, we were expected to be telepathic. Finally 'paused' us 6 months after applying, despite being open about wife's depression from the start, because of her past depression.

Still stuck in stage 1.


Can't help feeling that if I was a single bloke I'd have got through by now!

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would you be up for moving? They sound hopeless… You would be able to take your medial with you.

failing that - i would ensure that all correspondence is sent via email so there is a paper trail and that the adoption manager is copied in...

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Hi we have currently been "paused" too so I know how you feel. Started process in March and LA didn't have any learning day dates available in our 8 week time scale. So not our fault, they have now said we haven't done enough learning or reading and possible need counselling to deal with infertility. I can't help but think they just try to put everyone off at each stage as part of the test.

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