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Our children moved in nearly three yars ago.

When we first started our adoption journey we spoke to a number of nearby LAs and went to information evenings etc. We were turned down after the initial meeting with two but then found another who were willing to do the extra work required because they thought we could have the potential to be good parents. Many LAs in our region are quite small so appreciate adopters from out of area as they can't place their own children with adopters living in their LA.

We have been really impressed with the LA we went with, we had a super SW. We have been to many post-adoption support sessions they provide, including a 10 week course and an adopters support group. in the end we didn't even adopt one of "their" children. The LA we adopted from didn't communicate so well with us, about a year after the adoption order they sent us a flyer about "now you have adopted one of our children, you are entitled to...". Although, the children's SW was lovely and they are sad they no longer get to see her. One of our biggest complaints of her was she regularly turned up 10 to 20 minutes early when she came to visit!

However, we have recently had dealings with another agency looking at the possibility of us becoming kinship carers and they have been very poor!

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