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I should probably know the answer to this, but thought I'd post on here for some clarification! Today we received a Notice of Hearing letter for our two boys. We submitted our application to adoption them a couple of weeks ago and the letter says the hearing has been scheduled in the not to distant future. It says notice has been served to birth parents about the hearing. As our social worker is on sick leave I'm not 100% about what this hearing entails.

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Presumeably this is the first hearing which you do not attend.

Birth parents have been told that someone has applied to adopt their children and they have the right to notify the court before the date of the hearing, or in person on the date itself, if they want to ask for permission to challenge the making of the adoption order.

If they do that the judge will normally give them a few weeks to compile any evidence they wish to present at a second hearing .

The judge will then decide whether they have any grounds to appeal and if so will give formal permission to appeal(called leave to appeal).

Even if that happens it is normally just an opportunity for birth parents to have their say before ao is granted.

At any point the judge can dismiss parents claims and grant ao.

Indeed the system is designed to make the ao watertight so that there can be no legal challenge down the line.

In the straightforward cases when birth parents dont oppose it the judge can grant the ao at the first hearing so hope that applies to you.

There is then a 21 day period when parents can ask for leave to oppose the granting of ao which is why celebration hearing is a few weeks after order granted.

It can be a bit drawn out and stressful but the ao goes through in the end so best put it out of your mind until the great day when it is all fully legal and they are all yours.

Hope that made sense New !

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Should be first hearing about adoption order - and also point many birth parents request leave to appeal. Your social worker & your boys social worker should attend but normally (at least in England) you do not. Sometimes if there is not appeal then the AO will be granted at this hearing.

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We are just awaiting our second and hopefully final hearing. The first hearing will be an opportunity for the bp to apply for leave to challenge if they turn up. It may be that if they don't then the judge will ask for the annex a etc to be filed and will schedule a second hearing where you will get the ao granted. Your sw should give you a shout to keep you up to date, if not I'd say call them or the court direct the day after for an update. Good luck!

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